17 Jun, 2024

What is Arduino Boards, parts, and their Benefits | Types of Arduino

In this article, we will discuss what is Arduino. In this fast-paced technology, you might have heard about the Arduino to make mini robots and various electronic projects at home. You can make many electronics projects using the simple circuit board and programming codes. It can be possible with the help of Arduino. In this […]

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What are Nuts and Bolts | Types of Nuts and Bolts | Difference Between Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are the types of fasteners that are used to join or hold the two-piece together as a rigid attachment. Nuts and bolts are used to assemble and disassemble the parts or objects easily when required. We will discuss the types of bolts and nuts in detail in this article. Let us Discuss […]

11 mins read

What are the Different Parts of an IC Engine?

There are Different Parts of an IC Engine. Internal combustion engines or IC Engines have a number of parts which are given below: Different Parts of an IC Engine Cylinder The cylinder is the main and very basic part of an engine which confines expanding gases and forms a combustion space. In a cylinder there […]

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A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Engineer

In this article, we will be discussing A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Engineer at the workplace. A maintenance engineer either works in shifts or in General shifts. The schedule for both remains the same or different depending on the organization’s culture. In general, some organizations have different PM (Preventive maintenance) teams and […]

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4 Stroke Engine Working Principle, Diagram | Four Stroke Engine

In this article, we will discus about 4 Stroke Engine Working Principle, Diagram. An engine is a device, that converts the energy in a fuel into heat energy and the heat energy into mechanical energy. Before discussing the Four-Stroke engines, we should know the working principle of an IC engine. In an IC engine, a […]

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What are Bearings and Their Types and Functions

This article will understand what the bearings are, their types, and how life can be increased. Each and everything about the bearing will be explained in simple words so that everybody could understand. What are Bearings? Bearings are a device that is used to support and guide the rotating or sliding shaft. Generally bearing is […]

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How to Effectively Search a Job on Linkedin?

Linkedin is a powerful resource for job seekers to search for a Job on Linkedin and get a job in their desired field. Linkedin allows you to use your connections to get new positions or jobs and ask for recommendations. Moreover, you can follow the companies to get notified of their latest Linkedin posts. Let’s […]

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Centrifugal Pumps, Types, Parts, Working Principle Explained

Centrifugal pumps are defined as rotodynamic pumps in which rotating impellers increase the pressure of the fluid. Centrifugal pumps are used to transfer the liquid from one place to another say at a certain height through the piping system. In this case, the mechanical energy of the motor is converted into hydraulic energy by centrifugal […]

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Inches To Feet Conversion Calculator

The inches to Feet Conversion and from Feet to inches can be derived from a simple formula, which we will learn below. inches to Feet Conversion Calculator inches to Feet Conversion Calculator Type a value in the inches field to convert the value to Feet: inches Feet: What is inches? Inch is a unit of […]

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