What is Digital Multimeter (DMM), Working and How to Use?

Digital Multimeter

A Digital Multimeter (DMM), is a test instrument that is used to measure electrical values, for example, voltage, current, resistance, continuity, and many other measurements. Digital multimeters are widely used in the industries by electricians, electronic engineers, some hobbyists, etc. The price of the digital multimeter varies. Some can be purchased very cheaply and others … Read more

What is Transducer and Different types of Transducers?


A transducer is a device used to convert one form of energy into another. The process of converting one form of energy into another is called transduction. An electrical transducer is a device that is capable of converting physical quantities proportional to electrical quantities such as electrical current or voltage. The physical quantity that is … Read more

What are Bearings and Their Types and Functions


This article will understand what the bearings are, their types, and how life can be increased. Each and everything about the bearing will be explained in simple words so that everybody could understand. What are Bearings? Bearings are a device that is used to support and guide the rotating or sliding shaft. Generally bearing is … Read more

Ohm’s Law- Definition, Formula, Examples

Ohm’s law is a formula that states the relationship between Voltage ‘V’, Current ‘I’, and Resistance ‘R’ in an electric circuit. It is one of the important and most basic laws of electrical circuits. Before proceeding further in detail with Ohm’s Law, we ought to understand the three important terms that are Voltage, Current, and … Read more